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We Provide Taxi Services in Trinidad and Tobago.

At KIAK Transportation Services we provide a wide range of taxi services in Trinidad and Tobago with safety, comfort and courtesy as our top priority.

Here is a list of services we offer:-

  • Airport Pick Up
  • Airport Drop Off
  • Shuttle Services
  • Door to Door Transfers
  • Employee Shuttle
  • General Taxi Services
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Transfers


See what Trinidad and Tobago has to offer.

We provide guided tours to the following locations:

City Tour: Learn about the rich history of some of the magnificent buildings and land marks in our capital city.

Visit to Fort George: Enjoy a breath taking view of the north western coast of the island while getting a taste of our early colonial years.

Night Street Food Tour: Enjoy an array of our Islands local cuisine mixed with some foreign flavor as we go food hopping.

Maracas Beach Experience: Take a drive through the scenic hills of the northern range. Stop and take breath taking photos along the way. Enjoy some of our local arts, crafts and snacks before getting to the beach where you absolutely must sample our renowned “Bake and Shark” meal. Then unwind and enjoy one of Trinidad most popular attractions sand, sea and sun.

Central Cultural Tour: Visit the 85ft Hanuman Statue, the Indian museum and the Temple in the sea, all located in Central Trinidad as we explore some of our Indo-Trinidadian heritage.

We arrange guided tours to the following locations:

  • Asa Wright Nature Centre
  • Pitch Lake
  • Wild Fowl Trust
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary
  • Gasparee Caves
  • Turtle Watching in Grande Riviere or Matelot

And much more.

Call to Contact us or Book Online today and we will take you where you need to go.